Energy Benchmarking

May 5, 2009

In California Assembly Bill 1103 (AB 1103) requires that commercial buildings are benchmarked for energy efficiency in 2009 and that their Energy Star rating is disclosed to buyers, lenders and lessees during any real estate transaction that occurs after January 1, 2010. 

Commercial building owners would be wise to begin benchmarking their portfolio now in 2009.   Energy Auditing companies such as Partner Energy can provide low cost benchmarking services that meet the legal requirement and identify low hanging fruit for energy savings.  

Buyers of buildings in 2009 are requesting that an basic energy audit be included as an add on to their Property Condition Assessment.


Carbon Footprint for Businesses

January 23, 2009

Carbon footprinting can be done for a business, a project, an event, or a household.   At Carbon Partner we focus on business, project, and event carbon footprints.  The first thing that our engineers seek to determine is the boundary that will define the carbon footprint.  

When doing a business carbon footprint, Carbon Partner (a sister company of Partner Engineering and Science) will first seek to define the boundaries of the business.  For example, will the footprint include employee commutes or just activities that happen within the business?   The next scoping issue is how to handle direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.   All carbon footprints should cover direct emission and most cover energy based indirect emissions.   However, some drive upstream into the carbon footprints of suppliers and raw materials. 

Most of our clients are interested in doing what is best for the planet; however, there are many direct benefits to your business from conducting a carbon footprint.  First, understanding your carbon footprint is important in building a sustainable business.  Secondly, a carbon footprint report helps a client understand how they use energy and often produces surprising results and energy saving opportunities.   Finally, many clients are interested in branding green internally and externally.  

Regardless of the motives, doing a carbon footprint for your business is good for your business.  Go to to learn more.

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