Zoning Reports

Zoning Reports are often just added on to our other due diligence products such as an ALTA Survey, a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, and Property Condition Assessment, and are completed in the same time frame. A zoning report is a necessary part of many real property transactions because the current owner is responsible for existing zoning violations.  If the property being sold is a restaurant in an area not zoned for that purpose, this piece of information could affect the outcome of the sale.  Zoning laws do not end at usage regulations; often times cities and municipalities have provisions on setback requirements, the height of a building, building materials, parking spaces required, etc.  Partner’s Zoning Reports take all of these into consideration as well as other regulations; such as the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our Zoning Reports are completed by a legal professional (doctor of jurisprudence), within 3 weeks and at very competitive rates. Not all firms provide this, but we feel it is significant not only to ensure proper interpretation and application of the laws and regulations pertaining to the property, but also to ensure that the research for the Zoning Reports is complete and accurate. Having a Zoning Report compiled by a legal professional ensures a deeper and more complete analysis of zoning compliance.


Standard Zoning Report scope of work includes:

  • Determine the specific zoning designation, as established by the current municipal code;
  • Determine allowable uses under the zoning designation established by the zoning ordinance and whether the present use of the subject property conforms;
  • Determine the minimum parking requirement and compare to actual parking count;
  • Determine the density restrictions of the property;
  • Determine minimum yard or setback requirements;
  • Determine building height restrictions and the asset’s compliance;
  • Determine implications of any nonconformities

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