SBA Environmental Requirements

At the January 2009 Environmental Bankers Association convention in Charlotte, I was one of the panelists on the new SBA Standard for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.   During the presentation I stated that I interviewed many members of the SBAs environmental staff and that they were committed to helping bankers with questions.  I pledged to publish the contact information of the SBA Staffers and I suppose this blog is as good as place as any.  


For appeals, the SBA encourages lenders to email their standard email:


Here is the contact for the top environmental legal person and the top environmental technical person at the SBA:


Eric Adam

SBA District Council

Mr. Adams Chairs the Environmental Committee



Steve Reynolds

SBAs Staff Environmental Professional



I understand that the new version of SBA SOP 50-10 will be published within the next month.  More changes to Phase I ESA are always fun.


With respect to issues with the environmental requirements for SBA Foreclosures, refer to the SBA Standard 50-51.  Note that the standard will be changing to something closer to SOP 50-10 in 2009.  Feel free to contact me at 310-615-4500.


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